How To Get High Quality Stock Photos From Shutterstock

When you are writing a blog post, you need a relevant high quality image to accompany it. 

The image not only adds flavor to the article but is also a critical ranking factor. Images also increase user engagement hence longer time spent on any particular page. 

You must have noticed that it is not always easy to find relevant images to accompany your content. The presence of many stock photo sites has made the search simpler. 

However, you may not find the perfect image given that stock photos are on the public domain, hence the likelihood that a bunch of other bloggers are already using them. 

To set yourself apart, you need limited edition images. Such images are found on premium photo sites where people only access through subscription. 

One of the best premium photo sites is Shutterstock. 

As you are already aware, Shutterstock images have watermark that lock them from unauthorized use. 
What if I told you that you could get Shutterstok images free of charge?
Well, there is a way you can get them, free!

I have to put a disclaimer here

I am only responsible for the information, how you use it is entirely up to you.
Looks like we are now free to hit the ground. 
Here is what you should do to access Shutterstock images without watermark. This will be a little easier if you know how to use Facebook ads.

Step one

Go to Shutterstock and search for the image you want. Let's say we want a guitar. So, we go to Shutterstock and search for a guitar.

Here is what I get. (I've chosen this one from the results).

You notice that it has a watermark rendering it unsuitable for use.

You have to pay for it to remove the watermark (buy usage rights).

Note the image name / title because we are going to use it later.

Step two

Go to Facebook ads and create a new ad pack. 

Choose whatever kind of ad you want. We are not going to set the ads running, so, don;t worry. If you have never used Facebook ads before, you can just choose "Brand Awareness" tab.

Define the demographic and set daily budget then click continue.

On the next page, set the page and select a single image under format.  When you do that, you will see the option for stock images pop up. 

Click on it and you will see a small window pop up for you to search the stock image of your choice. Here is where we now use the name we saved in step one.

Step three

Paste the name you saved in step one in the search bar (we are still on Facebook ads window).

Step four

Now that we have selected the image, it is saved in our gallery. Click "Done" and go back to the ad settings page.

Click on the image to zoom in on it. You will notice that the watermark is gone.

There you have it.


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