How to Get More Social Links to Your Content for More Traffic

If you have been blogging for sometime, you will agree with me that getting social media traction is not easy.

The struggle for getting social media shares for your content is difficult. This has led to giants like Facebook creating premium features like post boost to get more reach.

When you don't have enough connection, creating a buzz for your post can be quite hard. You may need to spend a lot of money to get the desired effect.

If have been struggling with getting more social media shares, I am going to show you a tool you can use to automate the process and get traction today.

You do not have to have a huge budget to get things working (even though it makes things quite easy). 

You may not be in possession of that cash right now. I am going to help you learn how to get much done with the little you have. Of course, you have to give something to get anything, unless it is a scam that promises you heaven at the push of a button.

This tool is quite popular. In fact, it ranks in the top 10000 sites globally and top 26000 sites in the US according to Alexa. The site has more than 11 million registered users and 700K active monthly users. 

Additionally, the it gets over 100 million monthly page views by users from over 211 countries. 

Look at their impressive stats. An amazing 8+ minutes spent on their pages on average and 18.5% bounce rate.

it has backlinks from large and reputable publications like the Huffington Post, Stack Overflow, Wikihow, and 849 others. 

How does it work?

First, you have to register to use the platform. When you first register, you get 50 points as a welcome bonus. 

On this platform, points are the currency. Instead of using cash to pay for the service, you use the points to get shares, likes, follows, tweets and retweets, pins, hits, etc. You set up a campaign and assign the number of points to be used each time your selected action is accomplished. 

When you use up your points, the campaign stops and you have to recharge your points. There are multiple ways of recharging your balance.

First, you can get more points by sharing other people's content, liking their campaigns, tweeting and retweeting them, pinning their posts, visiting their pages, subscribing to their channels, etc. 

This is a free method by which you can get more points to use in your campaigns. You can also invite others to the platform and get points for your account.

The other option is paying for the service. You can pay in cash via credit card, PayPal, Skrill, etc. 

How are the users tiered?

Users of this platform are profiled into four tiers, namely:

Tier one: Free users

Free users don't pay anything to get in. Once you register, they will award you 50 points as entry bonus, which you can use to set your first campaign and start getting the boost you need.

When setting up your campaign, you have the option of choosing how much will be spent for every action. Each action costs between two to ten points.

Tier one users can promote one link at a time.

When your points run out, simply recharge by taking action on the site (sharing, tweeting, liking, etc).

The other option for getting more points is to buy in cash, which brings me to the second tier of users.

Tier two: Silver users

Silver users subscribe to a weekly bouquet. This bundle comes with unlimited points for promotion and the ability to promote three links simultaneously. 

This bundle costs $199 per week and is automatically renewed. However, you have the option to cancel the renewal before the next renewal date.

Tier three: Gold users

A weekly bundle that costs $499. It comes with unlimited promotional points and the ability to promote 10 simultaneous links.

You can cancel automatic renewal before the next recharge date.

Tier four: Platinum users

Platinum users have the ability to promote 25 links simultaneously. The bundle also has unlimited number of points for promoting your campaigns.

It costs $999 per week but you can unsubscribe any time. 

Sounds good?

If you are not convinced yet, check out a screen grab of their stats from Alexa.

Which site are we talking about?

Click here to find out. Register and start getting more publicity today.


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