You can Carry An Entire Office in This Jacket

That backpacks can cause back pains and complicate spinal health is not a new phenomenon. Studies have shown that heavy back packs exacerbate spinal health and may lead to paralyzing effects if not checked.

One sure way of dealing with the problem is to totally eliminate the backpacks. However, doing this would mean that we get an alternative way of carrying our stuff around. That's where AyeGear J25 Jacket and Vest with 25 Pockets comes in.

The creators of this amazing jacket took their creativity to the next level. They made a jacket that functionally acts like a backpack. This jacket is the ultimate must-have for the geeks.

What makes AyeGear J25 Jacket and Vest with 25 Pockets the sweetest deal you will ever have?

  • It has 25 pockets into which you can stuff your objects; from phones to books, to tablets, and even a 12' Mac-book. Interestingly, the jacket does not show any funny sagging or bulging sign when you load it with the items. In fact, the items fit in perfectly, as the pockets were custom designed to d carry them neatly.
  • It is water proof and warm. When you duck inside it, you can avoid strong draughts yet you are still breathing comfortably inside the jacket. 
  • The jacket has a touch sensitive pocket for easy handling when you are on the move or when it is heavily raining or snowing.
  • Comes with detachable sleeves and a concealed hood for all weather functionality.
The quality of fabrics that have been used to make this jacket is unparalleled. They have used their signature Ottoman fabric (mixture of cotton and nylon) for tensile strength and a comfortable snuggle when you put it on.

The jacked also has an elasticated strap for holding water/fluid bottle. You can easily access your stuff from the pockets on either side whether you are right or left-handed.

It comes in different sizes and you are advised to consult the size chart before ordering your size. Anyhow, you can still get a free return on selected sizes and color choices.


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