This Magical Phone Case Changes Color Depending on Your Hand Temperature

Ever imagined of a phone case that fingerprints the holder's hands?

This heat sensitive iPhone case does exactly that. It is heat sensitive and will change color depending on the temperature of your hands.

It is beautifully designed and gives you access to all your phone's features without any hindrance.

The case is made of a non-slip matte textured material to avoid slipping off of sweaty hands (if your hands get sweaty sometimes).

Outstanding features of the heat sensitive iPhone case

  • Heat sensitive case changes color depending on the temperature of your hands. The uniqueness of this feature is to be found in no other phone case.
  • Allows you to access all your phone's features. All the connectivity/charging ports are easily accessible. The case does not cause any obstruction to the camera.
  • The case is made of strong and durable TPU material that will protect your phone from accidental drops and scratches. You sort of have a low level insurance against mild drops. Your phone will not only last longer but keep clean while at it.
  • To avoid slips, the case has a matte textured finish for easy and comfortable grip.
  • The cover is lightweight and will not add any noticeable weight to your gadget.

One important point to note with the magic finger printing phone case.

Color change that happens when you touch the case is not a chemical reaction. The case is not toxic to you or the environment in any way. The change is only physical and returns to normal when the ambient temperature is resumed.

The heat sensitive iPhone case will not work if the ambient temperature is more than 30 ℃.

Watch the magical case in action in the video below.


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