This Salt Pepper Gun Self Defense Kit Will Deliver Temporary Blindness to the Enemy

Personal security cannot be understated. It is important that you be prepared to defend yourself when faced with a security threat at home.

Pepper spray has been used for quite a long period as a deterrent against an advancing enemy/threat.

Its effectiveness lies in its ability to temporarily paralyze an enemy to give you time to escape or call for backup.

The pain is excruciating and the enemy will cower when it hits them in the face.

The Salt Pepper Gun Self Defense Kit comes with:

  • One gun
  • Spray rounds (10)
  • 10 rounds for practice
  • One magazine with seven rounds
  • One lockable case
  • User manual.
However, the kit does not come with CO2. You have to buy it separately.

It can fire rounds to a distance of up to 150 feet and still deliver 21 stunning shots. This is very effective as compared to the normal 6 feet delivered by the normal pepper spray.

It is tested and tried to meet military standards and is applicable for security situations. The salt pepper balls can last for up to five years since the salt is made from natural resources.

The gun releases a bang when you fire it. You can load the gun to be ready for use anytime.

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