You Can Use this Sting Bump Extractor Kit to Snip a Sting Bump

Sawyer Products have been around since 1984 offering advanced technologies to solve present challenges. The Sawyer Extractor Pump Kit uses vacuum pressure to extract bite venom from the skin. 

The vacuum creates a suction pressure that forces the venom to flow out through its injection suture. You will not need the cut the surface (which can be very dangerous depending on the venom). 

It is easy to use - you can apply it yourself using one hand since it is a pump. Simply select the appropriate cup size depending on the size of the bite, connect it to the pump, and then place it on the bite area. Push the plunger to apply the vacuum to begin suction.

The cups are safe to reuse after washing them.

What is contained in the sting bump extractor kit

Each kit comes with an extractor pump, alcohol swabs, adhesive bandages, sting wipes, razor for cleaning the hair, and an instructional manual.

Check out the video below.

If you are looking for a small device that will give you comfort after a sting, this sting bump extractor kit will do the trick.


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