This Wooden Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Has a Working Range of up to 15 Meters

Sometimes, breaking away from the common routine can be quite therapeutic.

Take this wireless bamboo keyboard and mouse for instance. It is not only visually striking but also ergonomically designed to improve your productivity. 

The keys are silent enough to eliminate any distraction but loud enough to provide a satisfying tactile feedback while you type.

It comes with a reliable 2.4 GHz wireless connection that uses a single USB nano station. It can cover a range of between 7 and 15 depending on the presence of any barriers in the way.

Why you should buy wireless bamboo keyboard and mouse

The bamboo keyboard is compatible with Windows NT, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and Mac OS. It is robust enough to handle over 5 million keystroke cycles.

It also has 16+ frequency hopping channels and an anti interference capability. The keyboard will never go offline when you are working.

One thing you should note when using the wireless bamboo keyboard and mouse:

The keyboard has a light that will show you that the device has been connected when you put in the battery. After that, it will turn off and will not light up again.

That should not worry you though because the device is not broken, it is working just fine. The receiver is found inside the mouse and it's shared between the mouse and the keyboard.

Setting up your wireless bamboo keyboard and mouse

After unwrapping your devices, install the batteries and then follow prompts.

Plug in the PC nano receiver then put your mouse closer to the receiver. Press the ECS and + sign simultaneously for about three seconds. The light should go out to indicate that it has been installed correctly.

As for the mouse, after inserting the batteries, click the three buttons for about five seconds. The light should go out to show you that it's installed correctly.

If the light fails to go out for either of these peripheral devices, just repeat the installation process until it's done correctly. Make sure that your batteries (2*AAA) are strong enough.


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