HANPURE Rechargeable Unisex Bluetooth Gloves: Perfect Christmas Gift

Conventionally, people would put their thumb to the ear and stick out the pinkie finger to gesture a call. Well, not anymore! Hanpure Bluetooth Glove now makes that gesture a working phone.

This glove exudes the excellence of technology. You can now perform some magic by raising the phone gesture and ACTUALLY talking with your friend on the other side of the world.

In the thumb, the glove is equipped with a tiny speaker that is connected to the integrated circuitry that connects the glove to your phone via Bluetooth. The mic is placed on the pinkie finger of the glove to make the hand gesture completely functional as a working phone.

The control panel has buttons for playing/stopping music, which also works as a phone receiver button. It also has two other buttons for volume up and down respectively to add or reduce volume of music or call.

It comes powered with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery that can power the glove for up to eight hours while playing media or making a call. To recharge the battery, simply plug the glove to the USB charger cable for two hours.

The glove is super convenient and its design will accentuate your style in cold weather. It has been made of high quality acrylic fabric and is warm enough to warm your hands in winter. All the indexes are completely compatible with all touch screens, so, you don’t need to remove the glove when you need to use your device.

You can now step out in style and keep yourself warm while enjoying all the functionalities you could not with a normal glove.

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