Hilarious Gift Ideas to Prank Your Friends, Workmates, or Even Your Boss!

If you are looking for the best prank idea to pull on your friend, workmate, or family member, send them one of these embarrassing tubes. It is completely anonymous and they will never know where the package came from.

The tubes have embarrassing inscriptions on them making them a perfect stunt kit. You can choose to include a message with the package to compel the recipient to sign to receive it. This makes it even better because, essentially, they will be consenting to receive the package.

Imagine the face your boss will make when s/he realizes what has come through in their mail. Hilarious, right?


You can now send your boss this "gift" this holiday season. You will have fulfilled your base wish of getting back at them for all the injustices they have exacted on you over the years.

You can also send this gift for the April fools day to pull the leg of your friend or loved one. Given that you will remain anonymous, they will never know it was you who sent it provided you do not sign your personal information in the message.

Happy pranking, folks.


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