Water Resistant NOMATIC 40L Travel Bag: The Best Travel Bag in the Market

If you have been looking for the best travel bag that will fit in the overhead chamber or under the airplane seat without a fuss, this water resistant Nomatic travel bag is your answer.

It has been created with precision to meet the stringent TSA checkpoint compliance requirements. It is made from the best material in the industry making it the best travel bag you can ever find.

When empty, it measures 53cm by 36cm by 23cm and weighs only two kilograms. The dimensions meet airline overhead luggage standards and will fit in all overhead compartments.

The exterior is made of strong and durable water resistant tarpulin material to ensure that your stuff stay safe even if you are caught out in the rain. All the zippers are water proof to increase the water barrier properties of the bag.

The company offers a lifetime warranty on the bag and its accessories because they believe in their product. They believe the bag will deliver as promised in the advertisement.

What makes Nomatic travel bag the best travel bag in the market today?

The bag is actually more than your average ordinary travel bag. apart from the features we have already highlighted, this bag has many, many more surprises. Just hold your breath.

  • First, this is one bag that will hold your laptop flat in its compartment. This is a TSA compliance standard at checkpoints. Since many travel bags fail at this, you are forced to remove your laptop for checking.
  • Not anymore with Nomatic. You don't have to remove your laptop at the checkpoint because the bag is already compliant. In any case you have to remove the laptop, it is very easy to slide out in a few seconds.
  • Additionally, the bag also comes with a radio frequency identification (RFID) and a TSA approved lock. No worries of finding you bag vandalized when passing through the check point.
  • The bag also has several detachable waist straps (for instance, a mobile phone holder or a passport holder that you strap around your waist. It also comes with a laundry bag to separate your used dirty laundry and hold them in place before tossing them in the washing machine.
  • The bag also has different compartments for stationery, shoes, clothes and even a dedicated water bottle holding pocket. You can switch it from a duffel to a backpack without leaving out any dangling straps that can be so annoying sometimes.
  • The creators made the bag to be sufficient a week's travel. it can hold all the items you will need for a week! How awesome does that sound? This bag will definitely exceed your expectations. If you have to buy anything in 2017, it should be Nomatic travel bag. It will help you organize yourself, even if you suck at preparing for a journey.

All the compartments are designated to take care of all your basic needs. Your chances of forgetting an essential item is drastically minimized.

As with every other item, this is a bag that has the potential to be damaged if not handled well. That the bag is almost perfect does not mean that you should give it a beating. Take care of your bag and it will take care of you and your things when you travel.

The company offers a life time warranty on the product, so, you should not be afraid of using it when you travel. Enjoy your business trip the next time you travel. The company will take care of any fault that is clearly as a result of their product quality, if any.

Unfortunately, the bag only comes in black color.


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