Stores Run Out of Tissue Rolls and Sanitizers as Covid19 Hits Hard

In the wake of Covid19 outbreak, the world has gone into a frenzy as news updates on the Novel Corona Virus flood all news outlets and social medias. The panic has driven many people from different parts of the world into buying large quantities of specific items, notably toilet paper rolls and hand sanitizers.

Both the CDC and WHO have informed the public that the three major symptoms include fever, cough and shortness of breath. A comprehensive fact checker has been published by both agencies and can be accessed on their respective pages (CDC and WHO Covid19 information).

Empty shelves at a store in the US. Photo by Jon Cooper on Twitter.

In spite of the available information, which does not correlate Covid19 and diarrhea,  the public has gone into panic mode, clearing tissue rolls out of supermarket shelves. As you can see from some of the images shared on the social media, the trend can be seen everywhere, from Australia, to Europe, to the US. Even Africa is not left out despite reporting only a few cases.

Australians panic buying tissue rolls. Image by Ktherine Quirke om Twitter

Panic shoppers in Thailand. Image by Reuters on Twitter.
On Amazon, Ebay Alibaba and other online retailers, toilet paper rolls, hand sanitizers and face masks remain some of the most purchased items. As a result of the increased online shopping activity after lock down, Amazon is reportedly hiring additional 100,000 delivery agents to handle the swelling orders.

Some of the world's notable figures who have tested positive for the virus include Idris Elba, Tom Hanks and wife, and Sophie Trudeau, Justin Trudeau's wife. The scourge originated in China, where they have taken bold steps to suppress further spread. However, the virus continues to wreak havoc in other parts of the world.

Health experts have indicated time and again that the surest way to reduce the risk of contacting the virus is to wash hands with soap under running water. The soap's activity breaks the encapsulating layer around the virus rendering it inactive and the running water washes it away.

How soap destroys viruses from r/visualization

Don't take chances. Learn from the experience of others and do what the health experts recommend.


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